Interrogation Tactics and Social Engineering


When we decided to do the release of our first podcast we had many people who were skeptical about Interrogation and Social Engineering actually meshing.  Heck a lot of people where even sure if they could ever be tied in.

Well we did it.  We found a willing participant, Matt Churchill.  He was not only willing to be interviewed as an ex-law enforcement agent with interrogation experience but he began to contribute some of that knowledge to the framework.

Over all the podcast was well received.  We had so much positve feedback and we want to thank the community for its excellent support.

If you haven’t checked out Ep001 – Interrogation and Social Engineering… do so and let us know what you think?  We have RSS feeds for iTunes, regular RSS and straight download of the mp3.  Be sure to check out the videos and notes that go with the podcast on that page above too.


How To Become A Social Engineer – Information Gathering


It may be the opinion of some that “Social Engineering is just believing in your lie” or “SE is a matter of who is the best liar” and even “Social Engineering is a matter of just making up a believable story.” Some believe that social engineering is no more than smoke and mirrors and con’ing people. We thought we would reach out and try to dispel some of these myths by writing a small series of articles about this question. The series will be called “How To Become a Social Engineer”

Meet the Team at


There has been a lot of buzz on the Net about and the emails into us have been amazing.  We would like to take the time to thank all of you for your support. Quite a few of our visitors have asked aboutthe team and how we are structured. So I figured we would Continue Reading >

Social Engineering Framework Launch


Just wanted to drop a note to say that was launched today. The site is housing a complete social engineers framework as well as video’s, how-to’s and even some new tools for social engineers. One tool that was made for is SET (Social Engineers Toolkit), it is an amazing tool that ties in Continue Reading >

Metasploit Unleashed – Mastering the Framework


The Offensive Security Team along with several active community members, have been working diligently to bring you an in depth course on the Metasploit Framework – “Mastering the Framework” . This course will take you on a journey through the Metasploit Framework in full detail, and will include the latest MSF features such as: Advanced Continue Reading >