Social Engineering Toolkit Training Available Now!


The downloads of the latest release of the Social Engineering Toolkit has been truly remarkable.  The new additions to the tool are just amazing in itself.

Yet we get a lot of requests for tutorials and/or training on how to effectively use the tool.  We heard your cries for help and asked Dave to help us out.  Dave put together a series of training videos showing how to complete some of the main attacks with SET.

We then added a whole new section added to the resources page that is just for SET Tutorials.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for more SE news coming soon.

Thanks for all your support.

The Team

Maltego 3 Leaked – A Social Engineers Dream


The guys at Paterva are at it again. The tool that we all know and love, Maltego, has taken massive leaps into the future of information harvesting. The Paterva crew gave about 9 people in the world access to the new and MASSIVELY improved Maltego 3. I quickly installed it and after a few uses I forgot all about Maltego 2….

Stealing Credentials via Social Engineering


The main objective was to compromise someone’s existing password which would provide ongoing opportunities to access all sorts of company systems in a stealth mode.

This exercise demonstrates what can be accomplished by an attacker, potentially an insider threat, in a very short period of time through non-technical means, mainly a telephone.

Client Sides and Adobe 9.3


Exploit works with Adobe Javascript disabled.
Tested : successfully tested on Adobe Reader 9.1/9.2/9.3 OS Windows XP(SP2,SP3 any languages), also works with Adobe browser plugin

A new level to spearphishing


Heck, most intelligent IT Admins won’t click on the link to “See Britney Naked” or “Adjust your Bank of America Account” because they know it is phishing.

But comes in the “new and improved shiny phishing”. These social engineers have done their homework.

Forget Big Brother…. We Have High Schools


Basically the gist of the story is that a school in Philadelphia USA issues laptops to their students. One day Little Blake Robbins goes to school and is slapped with a “improper behavior in his home” disciplinary action.