Iraqi insurgents hack US Predator drones with $26 software‎


The first thing that happened when I mentioned this blog post was a few people saying, “This doesn’t have much to do with social engineering so why they heck do you want to blog about it?”

The truth is… it doesn’t have much to do with social engineering at all, but it is so darn interesting we had to write about.  Plus we have a special surprise for all our readers.

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Ask The Social Engineer


Do you have questions you want answered from a social engineer, about social engineering or learning how to become a social engineer? Send them in and we might just use yours for the next column.

Liar, Liar your hands are on fire….?


Probably one of the hottest topics for social engineers is how to detect who is lying and how to improve your ability to fool your targets. Today we picked two articles to discuss about this topic briefly.

Offensive Security Exploit Archive Online


After a short and intense setup, we are ready to present the Offsec Exploit Archive. We’ve recreated the milw0rm database, updated it and are now accepting submissions. The purpose of the site is to provide researchers and security enthusiasts a repository of exploits, and when possible, the relevant affected software. We’ve started the party by Continue Reading >

Interrogation Tactics and Social Engineering


When we decided to do the release of our first podcast we had many people who were skeptical about Interrogation and Social Engineering actually meshing.  Heck a lot of people where even sure if they could ever be tied in. Well we did it.  We found a willing participant, Matt Churchill.  He was not only Continue Reading >