iPads and Social Engineering – Is it “Magical”?


Today the iPad was delivered to hundreds of thousands of expecting users.  Along with that, the Internet is a buzz with iPad news, iPad Apps, iPad reviews and iPad Social Engineering…

Soon as Apple launched the news that the iPad was going public Apple related spam increased by 30%.  While most of these are spam, many are luring people who desire an iPad to sites that “promise” to put you at the front of the list to receive one of the new magical devices.  Another warning was revolving around the 22% increase in credit card fraud over the last year.  Many spam and phishing offers are tempting people to enter personal information to be “notified” of new iPad shipments.  Many of these sites are designed to gather information then use it to commit identity theft or credit card fraud.

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Client Sides and Adobe 9.3


Exploit works with Adobe Javascript disabled.
Tested : successfully tested on Adobe Reader 9.1/9.2/9.3 OS Windows XP(SP2,SP3 any languages), also works with Adobe browser plugin

A new level to spearphishing


Heck, most intelligent IT Admins won’t click on the link to “See Britney Naked” or “Adjust your Bank of America Account” because they know it is phishing.

But comes in the “new and improved shiny phishing”. These social engineers have done their homework.

Forget Big Brother…. We Have High Schools


Basically the gist of the story is that a school in Philadelphia USA issues laptops to their students. One day Little Blake Robbins goes to school and is slapped with a “improper behavior in his home” disciplinary action.

The Importance of Information Gathering


Our friend and contributor Matt was kind enough to put into writing a few stories from his law enforcement days. This excellent example shows how important it is to pay attention to the little details when information gathering. Sometimes the littlest details can make or break the story…..

Social Engineering in the news


It brings to light some very interesting facts…. malicious social engineers are looking at what is “bothering” people and then offering information and/or solutions if “you just click here.” Everything from money help for the economic woes people are experiencing right down to cures for the H1N1 Virus. It makes a further valid point, that the users are the ones who are to blame.