Winning at the SECTF


About a year or so ago when Social-Engineer ran a poll asking the public who they thought would be better as a Social-Engineer, this is how the public voted.  Women won hands down.  We set out to see if that was true with the first ever Men Vs Women SECTF at Def Con 20 – where the men dominated!

Def Con 21 was approaching and there was a cry from the camp of the women to let them defend their “title” – So the second ever SECTF Gender competition was born and this one proved to be a battle!

The women not only won, but they dominated.  We asked the winner of the SECTF, Lilly, to write her account of what it was like joining, reporting and then calling for her first ever social engineering attempt.  Join us and Lilly on her journey…..

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A Lesson From A Young Social Engineer


A social engineer is someone who hacks people like hackers hack computers. Any child who has talked his parents into buying him his third Milky Way from the candy aisle is a social engineer like Frank Abagnale, Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from Catch Me If You Can.