Social-Engineer, Inc. Releases Annual Report on DEF CON 22 Social Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) Contest


Social-Engineer, Inc., the leader in social engineering security testing, awareness and training, today announced the release of the fifth annual Social-Engineer Capture the Flag Report, compiled from the Social-Engineer Capture the Flag competition at DEF CON 22. The SECTF contest is conducted to raise awareness of the growing threat social engineering poses and to provide Continue Reading >

DEF CON 22 SECTF4Kids Rules and Regulations


Welcome to Social-Engineer.Org’s annual Social Engineering Capture the Flag for DEF CON Kids registration page. This year’s event: Who Dunnit? A Social Engineering Corporate Crime! This contest is designed to use a blend of social skills, password and cipher cracking, lock picking, and good old-fashioned social engineering to accomplish a set of challenges. Each challenge Continue Reading >

DEF CON 22 SECTF Registration and Rules


READ ALL OF THIS PAGE (that means every word on this page) BEFORE PROCEEDING – THE RULES ARE IMPORTANT! By now you should know what the SECTF is, if not please go read the blog post then come back here. Synopsis: This truly unique event will challenge you and test your abilities to use social engineering skills to gather small amounts Continue Reading >



Thank you for all the support from the community for the Social Engineer Capture the Flag events. Below is the download link for the report.  If your company was used in the CTF and you want more information reach out to us at defcon -@- Till next year: