Defcon 18 Social Engineer CTF Update


The How Strong Is Your Schmooze contest is on it’s way. The targets have been chosen, the dossier’s have been sent and the social engineering talent has bloomed. The team at wanted to give a few updates to the CTF.

The Pizza Delivery Man is a Social Engineer


The other day I had a pizza delivered to my home using my Visa. When the pizza arrived, however, the driver refused to give it to me unless I either gave him my social security number or let him write down my driver’s license number. I refused because of identity-theft and general privacy concerns. I offered to show him my driver’s license and the Visa card I’d used to order the pizza, but he said he had to write down one or the other number.

Social Engineering CTF Update


The awareness that has been raised is just amazing. There has been many stories written and podcasts discussing the contest and what the rules are. People are wondering and very curious about what it will entail. There has been numerous alerts issued from various agencies about the contest. I will post one of them below.

The US 2010 Census may lead to increase in Social Engineer Attacks


Even armed with this knowledge there are some things we must be aware of to avoid falling prey to a scam that can lead to identity theft. It is not private knowledge that 100 million surveys are being sent this week. You know it, I know it and all malicious scammers and social engineers know it too. Be aware of these attacks