Social-Engineer Breaks a Defcon Record


The Social-Engineer.Org CTF took off with a bang that I think was heard around the world. We have counted just a tad under 100 articles that have been printed about the CTF in magazines, newspapers and media journals around the globe.

Social-Engineer.Org CTF Update – Awareness Abounds


Malicious social engineers never hold contests, never do press releases and never warn the world they will be calling, and they also never have rules. To some extent, we feel that our goal has been advanced already by this discussion, and we hope that with the information we will gather during the CTF we will be able to assist many companies to becoming more secure.

Defcon 18 Social Engineer CTF Update


The How Strong Is Your Schmooze contest is on it’s way. The targets have been chosen, the dossier’s have been sent and the social engineering talent has bloomed. The team at wanted to give a few updates to the CTF.

The Pizza Delivery Man is a Social Engineer


The other day I had a pizza delivered to my home using my Visa. When the pizza arrived, however, the driver refused to give it to me unless I either gave him my social security number or let him write down my driver’s license number. I refused because of identity-theft and general privacy concerns. I offered to show him my driver’s license and the Visa card I’d used to order the pizza, but he said he had to write down one or the other number.