Social-Engineer.Org – Reborn and Recreated


It was almost 5 years ago that we launched the site.  Honestly folks, if you had asked me to predict what would come of it my wildest dreams would not have lead me to this.  Almost 5 years, 2 books, a number of worldwide trainings, a company and much more later it was time […]

Social-Engineer Newsletter – Volume 4 Issue 54


  FEB 2014 A burger, please….extra fat… Framing and the Social Engineer Hello, dear readers. As usual, I’m sitting here with this newsletter deadline looming and I can’t think of a thing to write because I’m starving. And do you know what really sounds great? A burger that’s 20% fat. Pan-fried in butter. For those […]

DEF CON 22 SECTF Registration and Rules


READ ALL OF THIS PAGE (that means every word on this page) BEFORE PROCEEDING – THE RULES ARE IMPORTANT! By now you should know what the SECTF is, if not please go read the blog post then come back here. Synopsis: This truly unique event will challenge you and test your abilities to use social engineering skills to gather small amounts […]

Ep. 055 – Learning to Notice What You See


Nonverbal communication is a pretty hot topic lately, especially with the release of Chris’ newest book.  This month we invite Paul Kelly, the technical editor of that book, friend and Ekman Group’s main trainer to the podcast. Mar 10, 2014 Contents 1 Download 2 Podcast Notes 3 Get Involved

Unmasking The Social Engineer – Released!


I literally found just a few minutes before my next plane ride.. no, really I’m not kidding.  We have been busy little social engineers.  Last year was a year of growth, exploration and mental expansion. I am finally getting a chance to let everyone know that the book has been released. Unmasking the Social Engineer: The […]

Ep. 054 – Social Engineering Media


White Canvas Group is a small collection of social media geniuses.  We are talking with their front man, Chris Dufour about how social media is being and can be engineered for the good, the bad and the ugly. Feb 10, 2014 Contents 1 Download 2 Podcast Notes 3 Get Involved

Social-Engineer Newsletter – Volume 4 Issue 53


Jan 2014 How Smart Do You Feel? It’s time for a little soul-searching, folks. How would you rate yourself in your ability to determine how other people are feeling? How about in adjusting your behavior to the social environment?  The concept of emotional intelligence (EI) is generally defined as a person’s ability to determine, understand, […]

The Humorous Side to Info Gathering


Information is the crux of any social engineering engagement. It merits then that we talk bout Info Gathering often.  It just so happens that at times there are stories in the news that highlight what happens when people are overconfident and post dumb things online. Overconfidence has led to military and political defeats, huge professional sports upsets […]