Unmasking The Social Engineer – Released!


I literally found just a few minutes before my next plane ride.. no, really I’m not kidding.  We have been busy little social engineers.  Last year was a year of growth, exploration and mental expansion. I am finally getting a chance to let everyone know that the book has been released. Unmasking the Social Engineer: The […]

Social Engineering For Pentesters – Day 3


Once influence was fully understood, we worked out how we would use influence in our mock scenarios we’ve been building all week long. We learned that during a social engineering engagement, different types of influence are mixed and matched to suit your specific scenario.

Maltego 3 Leaked – A Social Engineers Dream


The guys at Paterva are at it again. The tool that we all know and love, Maltego, has taken massive leaps into the future of information harvesting. The Paterva crew gave about 9 people in the world access to the new and MASSIVELY improved Maltego 3. I quickly installed it and after a few uses I forgot all about Maltego 2….