Defcon 20 SECTF For Kids: Return of the Schmooze

The summer is fast approaching and with it, everyone’s plans are coming together for Defcon 20.

  • Schedule time off from work
  • Reserve hotel accommodations ( hopefully )
  • Book flight
  • Register for awesome contests

Wait! What about the kids? Well… last year ushered in a great addition to the Defcon lineup, DEFCON Kids. This prompted Social-Engineer.Org to host the first ever Kid’s SE CTF. We set out to challenge our young “hackers” through a maze of puzzles, clues, and creative thinking.

Opening up the social-engineer’s toolbox of skills, each team utilized lock picking, elicitation and pretexting to successfully schmooze their way through each stage. It was loads of fun, and we think we enjoyed it just as much as the kids. Seeing each team work together and demonstrate their skills was truly remarkable. In the end, their undoubted success answered us back with their own challenge, “Is that all you got?”

Loving a good challenge ourselves, we’re proud to announce our answer with “Return of the Schmooze” Kid’s SE CTF. Packed with harder ciphers, tougher puzzles, and twisting clues, it’s sure to test the skills of all who participate.They’re in for some serious fun! Here’s how it will work:

  • We are currently accepting registration for this year’s Kid’s SE CTF at Defcon 20 here
  • Once the submissions are in, kids will be placed into teams of 2.
  • Friday evening of Defcon we will host a very important lecture to educate the kids on social-engineering, tailored just for them.
  • Saturday morning we will meet the teams again and present them each with a special SEORG packet that will contain all that is needed to “hand it to us” once again.
  • Each stage of the challenge will involve either cipher decryption, lock picking, elicitation, pretexting and other skills pulled out of the social-engineer’s toolbox.

The first 2 teams to schmooze and succeed in all stages of the challenge will be proudly dubbed the winners of the “Return of the Schmooze” Kid’s SE CTF and will be presented with prizes at the closing ceremonies at Defcon 20 on Sunday afternoon.

Our aim at SEORG continues to be “Security Through Education”. In the news today we are constantly reminded that corporations aren’t the only targets of malicious social-engineering attacks. Our most precious assets are, our children. To help combat these threats, continual education and awareness is needed. With this in mind, education should be fun and motivate our kids to take appropriate safeguards from such dangers. Our goal with the Kid’s SE CTF is to do just that.

So if you’re between the ages of 6-16 and want to bring all you got to this year’s Kid’s SE CTF, SIGN UP NOW