Defcon 20 Social Engineering CTF Report

Finally, it is here.  No joke and no more delays.  This years Social-Engineer Capture the Flag at Defcon 20 was a momentous event for us and the community as a whole.

Not to belabor it any more but a quick recap of what has happened:

  • First time we had women sign up and show up for the SECTF
  • Most organized and productive year to date
  • General K. Alexander, Director of the NSA, stopped in, greeted Chris and gave support
  • Whole event covered by CNN
  • Chris invited to the Pentagon to brief on Social Engineering and the CTF
  • Report finally completed and ready for release

With out further delay, one last thanks to all of your for your amazing support and patience with the delays.

If your company was used in the CTF and you have questions reach out to us

If you want to be used in future CTF’s reach out to us

If you have ideas… you guessed it… reach out to us

defcon -@-


Click here for the report