How Strong Is Your Schmooze Kids Edition

Each Year Defcon is known for testing the limits and pushing the boundaries.  Defcon 19 will be no exception to that.  The Social-Engineer.Org SE CTF at Defcon 19 is fully under way with some amazing surprises in store for this year.  But why stop there?  In conjunction with Defcon, Social-Engineer.Org is hosting the first ever KIDS CTF.  As part of the 2 day long Security For Kids Con, SEORG will be running a “How Strong is Your Schmooze – Kids Edition” Social-Engineering CTF just for the kids.

How will this work?

We are presently taking registrations for the Kids Social-Engineering CTF.  Once the submissions are in, kids will be placed into teams of 2 or 3.  Friday night of Defcon we will host a small lecture to educate the kids on some very interesting aspect of social engineering.

Then Saturday we will meet the teams again in the morning and give them a very special Social-Engineer.Org Dossier Packet that will contain clues they must solve to receive the next packet.  Each stage will involve either cipher decryption, lock picking, elicitation, pretexting and of course good old fashion social engineering skills.

The first 2 teams to achieve all the skills, get all their packets and solve all the clues will be dubbed the winners of the “How Strong is your Schmooze – Kids Edition” and will be presented their prizes at the closing ceremonies at Defcon on Sunday afternoon.

Why Would You Do This?

Some have asked, aren’t you big bad hackers that want to just show how bad companies are?  No.  We are parents, uncles, brothers and friends to the web’s most dangerous victims – children.  Malicious social engineering methods are used on children everyday and a CTF like this gives us the opportunity to help educate a small group of kids how to recognize, identify and combat these attacks all while having fun!

Are you in between the ages of 8-16?  Do you have the schmooze?  Do you have what it takes to be the top Social Engineer Kid?  Sign up now and join us in making history.