For the second year in a row, the SEVillage will be hosting this unique virtual Minecraft-based event for all kids ages 6-12. With things like logic puzzles, in-game exploits, and a very fun theme we know your kids will love! (shhh, don’t tell them but they’ll probably learn something too!) This event will be held on Friday, August 6, 2021. Want to know if your kid qualifies for this competition? Then keep reading!  

Guidelines for Maximum Fun for All wants every child (ages 6-12) to have a chance at participating in a virtual SECTF4Kids event. There are certain skills that must be mastered for both you and your child to enjoy participating. We are providing the following guidelines to help you, the parent, decide if your child has the skills necessary to compete. And, most importantly, for you both to have fun while doing it!  

The SECTF4Kids competition will include: 

  • Reading directions/instructions at various points of the game at third to fifth-grade reading levels.  
  • Solving ciphers geared for third to fifth-grade spelling levels.  
  • Thinking critically about problem-solving without the assistance of others.  
  • Completing tasks or puzzles requiring logic, memory, or critical thinking skills.  
  • Following quick verbal instructions requiring listening skills and being able to take notes.  
  • A basic knowledge of how to play Minecraft or being able to learn the controls of a new game quickly 

We also suggest the kids be able to read and comprehend any written directions by themselves to participate. Our goal is to challenge the kids while making it fun. We hope these guidelines help with both of those aspects. 

Rules for Participation 

Before you register your child, please make sure you can follow all the rules below: 

The contestant must be between the ages of 6-12 at the time of the competition. 

The parent or guardian must approve and complete the registration form. 

A working copy of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for phones and tablets, Minecraft Console Edition for any console (I.E. Xbox, Playstation *NOTE: Nintendo Switch may not be compatible with the SECTF4Kids server), or Minecraft Windows Edition for PC. (any form is acceptable and will be compatible for the competition) 

It is recommended that your child has a Human+ ticket from Defcon, especially if they prefer to communicate through voice rather than text.

Need to have knowledge of and access to the Discord Application  

Need to be present at their assigned time. 

The Do Not List:  

No cheating! Anyone accepting unauthorized help (including that of parents/guardians/siblings/friends (online or in-person)) or sabotaging other teams will be disqualified.  

Even in a virtual environment, all language and conduct should be aimed at leaving other people feeling better for having met you. Any contestants to use abusive language or conduct will be removed from the competition.  

Using external cheats, exploits, or hacks will result in disqualification. 

Use of in-game features to create foul language or inappropriate imagery will result in your removal. 

If you can comply with all the above, and think your junior social engineer has the skills to win, then register below. This form must be completed by the parent or guardian. Completing this form does not guarantee participation.  

Registration for this event has ended.  Good luck to our participants!