Ep. 056 – Environmental Control and the Social Engineer

kai_ku_calvinWe met Calvin at RSA in San Francisco, where he amazed us with a cold reading, mind reading, environmental control illusion that made us NEED to interview him.  Join us in a fascinating conversation with him.  April 14th, 2014



ep. 056 – Environmental Control and the Social Engineer

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Podcast Notes

Calvin is a fascinating person with a lot of talent.  A young man that has spent his life learning about illusions and crowd control.  He is a master at knowing how to control his environment, the outcomes and all the while, entertaining everything from small to giant crowds.  We asked Calvin some intriguing questions:

  • How do you deal with hecklers and nay-sayers?
  • How can you control your environment and the outcome?
  • Did you use cold reading on us or no?
  • What books would you recommend?
  • And so much more….


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  1. Marcus Cochran says

    I love your show, but you need to update your show notes. ISD Podcast is no longer on air or the net.

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