Ep. 057 – Looking To The Horizon For the Next Challenge

EkmanChrisDr. Ekman once again comes on the SEORG podcast to discuss his new research into mapping the human emotions as well as some other exciting things.   May 12th, 2014



ep. 057 – Looking to the horizon for the next challenge

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Podcast Notes

Dr. Ekman has been voted as Time Life’s 100 most influential people, as well as one of the world’s most influential psychologists of our times.  Dr. Ekman has been Chris’ friend, mentor and inspiration for years and now rejoins the SEORG crew to answer some burning question:

  • What is emotion mapping?
  • Why map the human emotions?
  • How does compassion and empathy play a role in this?
  • What other research and projects does he have going on?
  • Is it time to retire yet?


With his normal intellectual conversation and charming personality you won’t want to miss this one.


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