Ep. 072 – Live From DEF CON 23 with R. Paul Wilson

R. Paul Wilson is a good friend and we have been following his work for year.  This year he flies all the way to Vegas to join us for the podcast…. Aug 10, 2015



Ep. -72 – Live From DEF CON 23 with R. Paul Wilson

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Show Notes

rpw2011R. Paul Wilson is a world renowned expert on cheating. He is also an award winning conjuror and magic inventor.

He has been studying sleight of hand, cheating and conjuring since he was eight years old. After twelve years as a computer systems consultant, he became a professional performer and lecturer before moving into the film and television industry.

In one of our best live events we get the chance to discuss:

  • How misdirection works
  • How closely linked is SE to illusions?
  • Can you really pick pockets with BBQ tongs?
  • So much more




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