The social engineering polls have been getting a lot of interest each month.  Last month we asked you to tell us if you think Social Engineering is the worst security threat to corporations.  If you decided that social engineering is NOT the worst security threat, we asked you to tell us what it is that you think could be worse.

The response was overwhelming on how many came in to vote.  Although the majority voted YES, here are some of the other ideas given that where worse:

  • unconscious sysadmins
  • zombie attacks
  • Management negligence to information related risks and lack of well prepared information security staff.
  • CSI Reports malware as highest number of attacks
  • end users
  • Aliens
  • lazy and/or incompetent sysadmins/IT dept
  • Droptable commands or database shutdowns through SQL injection. SE is an important threat. But not necessarily the most direct one.
  • Well, with cellular and wifi devices present in this day and age, they now are truly much more exploitative of commercial and social entities now in ways that overstep the need for social engineering where it would have been used if these devices didn’t exist today.
  • Another Russian Revolution is a greater threat to corporations, although much less likely.  Social Engineering is the most serious viable security threat to corporations however.
  • the employees are the biggest threat if they let the ball drop and allow the SE in

Well as humorous as those things are, some of them, lets take a look at the stats.

First our Male and Female ratio shows that we need the ladies in the SE world to start taking a share more:

Then of course, as I already mentioned the percentage of the Yes’ outweighed the No’s, but here is the chart:

Overall 86% of the votes came in that social engineering is the worst threat to security today.

Thank you again for participating and we look forward to next month.