There has been a lot of buzz on the Net about and the emails into us have been amazing.  We would like to take the time to thank all of you for your support.
Quite a few of our visitors have asked aboutthe team and how we are structured. So I figured we would take a few moments to go over all the help we have had.

First we would love to thank our web developer.  We have had many comments on the quality of the site and the artwork.  All of this was done by our Web Dev Guru – Tom “DigiP”.  Check out his work on his site

As you probably noticed from The Team page we are broken down into three different categories..

The Dev Team is the small group of us who came up with this idea and started working on it even before was a reality. is Chris “loganWHD” Hadnagy’s dream and vision. The idea for this site came from a desire to help educate people on social engineering and lots of research.

We would like to thank Mati “muts” Aharoni for his help in the website organization, technical issues and overall support.  With out your guidance and help this project would still be just an idea….

Jim “Elwood” O’Gorman too, without his editing skills and support, as well as his help in writing, the podcast and channel management…. it would have been near impossible to make this ever come to life.

Next you would notice our “Core Team“… these are the group of people that have helped manage the project and took lead roles in certain areas of the creation of the site.

We want to really thank Paul “rAWjAW” Hand, or as we call him DA GATEKEEPER. Paul spent countless hours perfecting the Framework layout and helping with the overall site layout. Paul’s help was extreme and we all owe him a huge thanks for what he has done.

Scott “phat32” Hazel has contributed lots of time helping manage the IRC channel as well as writing numerous articles in the framework.

Dave “Rel1K” Kennedy is the creator of Social Engineer Toolkit. What an amazing tool that is. So many messages and emails have come in about how awesome this tool is. We couldn’t agree more. When we went to Dave and we were just chatting about having a tool that could do…A…B…C… next thing you know he pumped out this amazing creation. THANK YOU. All i can say is “it’s ok… it’s ok…”

Matt “remnant” Churchill has devoted his expertise as ex-law enforcement and present security specialist to help bring an professional element to the framework. He has also helped us organize the podcast and the soon-to-be announced reviews of courses, books and articles that we have collected.

Next you notice our EVER growing list of contributors. This group of hard working folks have devoted their talents and time to making the framework what it is is and what it will become.

Brad “theNURSE” Smith is our resident hardcore writer. This NLP, SE expert comes to us with a unique twist… as a medical professional and a security professional his insight has helped him write some of the best pieces in the framework.

Chris Nickerson has brought his years of social engineering and intelligence experience to the fore and not only wrote a few awesome articles for the framework, but shared his experiences and thinking to help come to life.

Mike Murray has also brought his years of experience to the framework in helping review material and enhance material that is there.

Andrew “Mohawk” MacPherson is our resident Paterva rep. He has not only help create a special edition of Maltego Mesh for as well as devoting some good articles for the framework.

H.D. Moore has of course helped us with providing support on the MSF as well as his support in the creation and building of the site.

Frank, DR_IDE, Graziano is one of the first people to start contributing articles for the framework. He has worked hard to research and provide excellent information to help us build a solid framework.

Chris “Xpl0it” Schweigert also came to us early and has been with us for a while contributing articles and research. His writing has truly enhanced the framework for the better.

Jim “Wraith” Wasson brings his blend of military experience and his desire to help in his writing and research to help build the framework.

Julie “Dragonbabe” Bush has just came to us recently and been helping us in research and writing projects for the framework.

Glafkos, “nowayout” Charalambous is also a relatively new contributor but has really provided some great insight and research to enhance certain parts of the framework.

Adam “Major Malfunction” Laurie has supported the creation of and will continue to support us with some new and exciting things down the road.

We hope that this list shows you that is not the creation of just one person, but a true community effort. It will continue to grow and be enhanced through the same methods… community effort. We cannot thank you all enough for the support.

If you want to be part of the list of contributors to do not feel you must be a professional social engineer. Many different types of people have become part of this amazing project. Feel free to contact us at contribute [email protected] to offer your assistance.