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Phishing Examples

Below are examples of just some of the phishing attempts directed at UNI users. Remember, no member of the UNI community should ever ask for your passwords, do not give them out. The security office provides tips to avoid falling for phishing attempts on our phishing page.

Example #1

Dear UNI Users.

The reason for this message is because of the Email Scams & Phishing going on the UNI Network. We have decided to contact all our students and staffs to provide their password so that we can confirm the active users and to de-activate the inactive user. We regret the inconveniences this might have cost you.

Please provide us with the below details.


With the above details we can verify active mail.collab.uni.edu account.

Copyright © 2008 University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa. All rights reserved.
University of Northern Iowa, 1227 West 27th Street
Cedar Falls, IA 50614
(319) 273-2311

Example #2



Dear Subscriber,
This mail is to inform all our {.EDU} users that we will be upgrading our site in a couple of days from now, So you as a Subscriber of our site, you are required to send us your Email account details so as to enable us know if you are still making use of your mail box. Further be informed that we will be deleting all mail account that is not functioning so as to create more space for our new users. So you are to send us your mail account details which are as follows:

*Login Page/Webpage:
*User name:
*Date of birth:

Failure to do this will immediately render your email address deactivated from our database. Thank you for using .EDU webmail!FROM THE SUPPORT TEAM.

Example #3

Dear edu Email Owner,

This message is from edu messaging center to all edu email users. We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail center. We are deleting all unused edu emails to create more space for new edu e-mail accounts. You are required to verify and update your edu email by confirming your email identity. Send your details to account: eduwebmail@strompost.com this will prevent your email from been closed during this exercise. In order to confirm your email identity, you are to provide the following data'


First Name:....................
Last Name:.....................
Email Username : ...........
Email Password:.....................

Warning!!! edu email user that refuses to verify and subsequently update his or her email within Seven days of receiving this warning will lose his or her email permanently.

Thank you for using edu Email!

Warning Code:VX2G99AAJ


edu Admin

Disclaimer | Privacy Statement | Contact: eduwebmail@strompost.com

Example #4

Dear Webmail Account User

This message is from the webmail messaging center to all webmail account owners. We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail account center. We are deleting all unused webmail account to create more space for new accounts.

We are currently performing maintenance for our Digital Webmail Customers. We intend upgrading our Digital Webmail Security Server for better online services.

Confirm Your WebMail Details.
User Name:
Date of Birth:

You will be sent a new confirmation alphanumerical password so that it will only be valid during this period and can be changed after the process.

Warning!!! Any account owner that refuses to update his or her account within Seven working days of this update notification will loose his or her account permanently.

Thank you for the time in expense!
Webmail Support Center
Warning Code :ID67565434

If you receive a phishing scam in your UNI email, please forward the email to phishing@uni.edu. If you think you have fallen for a phishing scam and provided information about UNI or your UNI accounts, immediately contact ITS at 3-5555 and notify your supervisor. ITS has government-provided documentation for identity theft victims, if you need these documents, contact security@uni.edu.

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