Survival Guide: Black Hat & DEF CON 22


Black tee shirts? Check.
Lockpicks? Check.
Credit card skimmer? Check.

I would say someone is getting ready to go to Vegas for Black Hat and DEF CON. Many of you may be rolling your eyes at the thought of another “Safety First” blog. But we in education understand that repetition is the name of the game. So whether you are a seasoned pro or a newcomer to these events, please take a moment to make sure you don’t end up on the Wall of Sheep.

Black Hat and DEF CON are where the security professionals (née hackers) come to play. You are guaranteed to see some amazing exploits both technical and human. There will also be a population of people who come and do things because they can, not because they should.

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DEF CON 22 – Are You Ready?


Are you ready for blistering 115-degree heat, the never-ending press of black t-shirts, and fast-talking social engineers? Then you, my friend, are ready for DEF CON 22! Social-Engineer.Org have so much goodness to tell you about. First, let’s start with the Social Engineering Village. This will be our second year at running SE fun and Continue Reading >

The Social Engineering Infographic


Social engineering. We can remember a time when typing that into a search engine lead to almost no return. Maybe some “free burger” videos or the like, but nothing about security. Jump forward to the present day and Social engineering is more than just “free burgers”, it is a vector used in over 66% of Continue Reading >

Victory Nonverbal


Social engineers and psychologists may specialize in recognizing nonverbal cues but they have never won a Super Bowl with their skills. Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks secondary did exactly that. By decoding some of the hand signals Peyton Manning used in Super Bowl XLVIII to communicate with his receivers, the Seahawks gained an advantage over Continue Reading >



Wait?  Is it really that time again?  No, it can’t be.  I mean didn’t we just leave DEF CON, like what… five minutes ago?  (checks watch) Nope, its that time folks.  DEF CON will be upon us like a crazed starving vulture picking apart our brains and leaving us in heaps of sleepless, unshowered, prehuman Continue Reading >