#Values: The Secret to Top-Level Performance in Business and Life - Dr Betty Uribe
Recommended by Stephanie Paul during SEPodcast 119 and SEPodcast 132
By: Dr. Betty Uribe Buy Now
A Guide to the Good Life - William B. Irvine
Recommended by Dr. Jessica Barker during SEPodcast Episode 118
By: William B. Irvine Buy Now
Aggressive Network Self-Defense - Neil R Wyler, Bruce Potter, Chris Hurley By: Neil R. Wyler, Bruce Potter, Chris Hurley Buy Now
American Nations - Colin Woodard
Recommended by Clint Watts during SEPodcast Episode 113
By: Colin Woodard Buy Now
American Radical - Tamer Elnoury
Recommended by J.J Green during SEPodcast Episode 102
By: Tamer Elnoury Buy Now
Antifragile - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Recommended by Chris Hadnagy during SEPodcast Episode 137
By: Nassim Nicholas Taleb Buy Now
Arrest-Proof Yourself - Dale C Carson
Listen to a instructive discussion with ex-FBI agent, author and defense attorney, Dale C. Carson, during SEPodcast Episode 11
By: Dale C. Carson Buy Now
Recommended by Rockie Brockway during SEPodcast Episode 148.
By: Andy Weir Buy Now
Asterisk Hacking
Enjoy a perceptive discussion with computer security expert, author, and public speaker, Johnny Long, during SEPodcast Episode 60
By: Ben Jackson, Champ Clark Buy Now
At the Crossing Places - Kevin Crossley-Holland
Recommended by Amaya during SEPodcast Episode 90
By: Kevin Crossley-Holland Buy Now
Bargaining with the Devil - Robert Mnookin By: Robert Mnookin Buy Now
Barking Up the Wrong Tree - Eric Barker
Recommended by Robin Dreeke during SEPodcast Episode 99
By: Eric Barker Buy Now
Be Exceptional: Mast the Five Traits that Set Extraordinary People Apart by Joe Navarro
Recommended by Brian Phillips during SEPodcast Episode 142
By: Joe Navarro Buy Now
Be the Pack Leader - Cesar Millan
Recommended by Chase Huges during SEPodcast Episode 115
By: Cesar Millan Buy Now
Because Internet - Gretchen McCulloch
Recommended by Dr. Vyv Evans during SEPodcast Episode 130.
By: Gretchen McCulloch Buy Now
Blink - Malcolm Gladwell
Recommended by Brad Smith during SEPodcast Episode 4 Recommended by Dr. Paul Kelly during SEPodcast Episode 55
By: Malcolm Gladwell Buy Now
Recommended by Jayson Street during SEPodcast 93
By: Berkeley Breathed Buy Now
Born a Crime - Trevor Noah
Recommended by Emily Brandwin during SEPodcast Episode 95 Recommended by Dr. Eva Krockow during SEPodcast Episode 123
By: Trevor Noah Buy Now
Bossypants - Tina Fey
Recommended by Rachel Tobac during SEPodcast Episode 110
By: Tina Fey Buy Now
Breath - James Nestor
Recommended to by Osama (Sam) Quarashi during SEPodcast Episode 136.
By: James Nestor Buy Now
Child of God - Cormac McCarthy
Recommended by Neil Fallon during SEPodcast Episode 77
By: Cormac McCarthy Buy Now
Codes of the Underworld - Diego Gambetta
Recommended by Dr. Sasse during SEPodcast Episode 85
By: Diego Gambetta Buy Now
Coercion - Douglas Rushkoff
Recommended by Aaron Delwiche during SEPodcast Episode 22
By: Douglas Rushkoff Buy Now
Competitive Intelligence Advantage - Seena Sharp
Seena Sharp consultant and author is interviewed during SEPodcast 43
By: Seena Sharp Buy Now
Confidential Business Secrets - John Nolan
Enjoy an interview with former federal intelligence officer and expert in the field of Business Intelligence, John Nolan, during SEPodcast Episode...
By: John Nolan Buy Now
Connected - Nicholas Christakis
Referred by Jorina von Zimmerman during SEPodcast Episode 62
By: Nicholas Christakis Buy Now
Counterclockwise - Dr. Ellen Langer
Recommended by Dr. Langer during SEPodcast Episode 07 Recommended by Dr. Langer during SEPodcast Episode 70
By: Dr. Ellen Langer Buy Now
Covert Persuasion - Hogan and Speakman By: Kevin Hogan and James Speakman Buy Now
Recommended by Jason Frank during SEPodcast Episode 146.
By: Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace Buy Now
Critical Thinking - Christopher P. Dwyer
Listen to an informative discussion with the author during SEPodcast Episode 124.
By: Christopher P Dwyer Buy Now