Researchers Use Sound Waves to control a Smartphone (seriously) and a Car (theoretically)


What does that Fitbit, that you are wearing on your wrist to track your steps, have in common with smartphones, automobiles, medical devices, anti-theft devices, and drones? Give up?…. micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometers. These little devices are being used in cell phones for step counters, user interface control, switching between portrait and landscape mode, […]

Web Beacons for Social Engineering Reconnaissance


Most of you have heard about cookies on the internet, but Web Beacons take tracking your browsing habits a step further. Web Beacons (aka: Tracking Pixels, Web Bugs, and Tracking Beacons) are mainly used by marketers to track how well an email, advertisement, or article is being received by their audience.  Usually these 1×1 pixel […]

The SECTF is Coming to DerbyCon!


Yes, you have read this correctly. This year in the SEVillage at DerbyCon, Social-Engineer will be holding its first ever Social Engineering Capture The Flag event at DerbyCon!

Children Hacking Websites


As a parent of an 11-year-old boy, I always wonder what he’s going to get himself into. (usually after reflecting on what I did when I was younger) I didn’t want him not to use technology, so I started him off with an iPod then when I got a new iPad, I gave him my […]

SECTF4Kids & SECTF4Teens at DEF CON 25


You have been hitting refresh on your keyboard nonstop.  You have been nagging your parents.  Even some of you have gotten your parents to email us asking when we will announce….. The time is here. The SECTF4Kids is back for a 5th year and the all new SECTF4Teens is now live and waiting for you […]

The Rise of Machine Learning and Social Engineering Attacks


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been in the news a lot lately.  Some say that AI will take human jobs in the future; others tout its ability to simplify everyday tasks, some are embracing it for the ability to offer a quicker defense against cyber attacks, and Gartner predicts by 2020 we will interact more with […]