Ep. 084 – Live from DEF CON 24 – Chipped and Pinned

Every year we have our very special podcast live from DEF CON.  This year Hardware hacking village and the Bio Hacking Village join us and there are a lot of surprises. Aug 8, 2016



Ep. 084 – Live from DEF CON 24 – Chipped and Pinned

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Show Notes

Our Live DEF CON podcast has been a staple on the SEPodcast for the last 7 years.  We return with a vengeance for DEF CON 24.  The SEPodcast is now an actual DEF CON event and we can see why this year.

We are joined by Hardware Hacking Village and Bio Hacking Village.  Listen as Michele gets tagged LIVE on air.

We answer the questions you have about SEVillage at DEF CON and have generally a great time, as usual.

And yes, Dave was MIA so there is no HORNSBY.



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