#Values: The Secret to Top-Level Performance in Business and Life - Dr Betty Uribe #Values: The Secret to Top-Level Performance in Business and Life
Recommended by Stephanie Paul during Social-Engineer Podcast 119 and  132.
By: Dr. Betty Uribe
A Guide to the Good Life - William B. Irvine A Guide to the Good Life
Recommended by Dr. Jessica Barker during Social-Engineer Podcast Episode 118
By: William B. Irvine
Aggressive Network Self-Defense - Neil R Wyler, Bruce Potter, Chris Hurley Aggressive Network Self-Defense
Recommended by the Social-Engineer Podcast crew. Discover what some of the leading experts in security and psychology are reading.
By: Neil R. Wyler, Bruce Potter, Chris Hurley
All the birds in the sky All the Birds in the Sky
Recommended by John Strand during Social-Engineer Podcast Episode 162.
By: Charlie Jane Anders
All Titles by James A. Michener All Titles by James A. Michener
Recommended by Bernie Acre during Social-Engineer Podcast 152.
By: James A. Michener
American Nations - Colin Woodard American Nations
Recommended by Clint Watts during Social-Engineer Podcast Episode 113
By: Colin Woodard
American Radical - Tamer Elnoury American Radical
Recommended by J.J Green during Social-Engineer Podcast Episode 102
By: Tamer Elnoury
Recommended by Clay Drinko during Social-Engineer Podcast 171.
By: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth
Recommended by Vanessa Bohns during Social-Engineer Podcast Episode 167. 
By: Chris Hadfield
Antifragile - Nassim Nicholas Taleb Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder
Recommended by Chris Hadnagy during Social-Engineer Podcast Episode 137
By: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Applied Cryptology Applied Cryptography
Recommended by Steve Orrin during Social-Engineer Podcast 191. 
By: Bruce Schneier
Arrest-Proof Yourself - Dale C Carson Arrest Proof Yourself
Listen to a instructive discussion with ex-FBI agent, author and defense attorney, Dale C. Carson, during Social-Engineer Podcast 11.
By: Dale C. Carson