The team here at is excited to be a part of the Defcon 2009 Social Engineering Contest.  We are going to help judge as well as promote this exciting contest.

DC718 and Telephreak are bringing Social Engineering back to Defcon. has linked together with DC718, Telephreak, the contest/event Goons Pyr0 and Russr, and to have the best of the best to judge and help mold this contest into the display of the serious threat that still exists with this attack vector. For more information, check


Consisting of two rounds, teams will compete for the bragging rights of “Best Social Engineer @  #DefCon 17, 2009.” and ONE free “Pentesting with BackTrack” online course for the winning team.  With a few simple rules, the Social Engineering contest is open to any form, style, and exploit you wish to bring in, so long as you can follow the rules and not endanger or disseminate anyone’s credentials or personal information.