Established at DEF CON 18, (way back in 2010) the Social Engineer Village, also known as the Social Engineering Village and now called SEVillage at DEF CON, is the one-stop shop for all things social engineering. From our humble beginnings with a small room and our sound proof booth to now running 5 events and a “Human Track” where social engineering talks are given. The SEVillage at DEF CON is the place for not only our flag ship event, the Social-Engineer Capture The Flag (The SECTF), but also Mission SE Impossible, the SECTF4Kids and the SECTF4Teens – AND THE ALL NEW OSINT CTF!

What is that you say? You want to join us? Information will be available soon on how you can get involved with the SEVillage at DEF CON!

THE SEVillage at DEF CON Schedule

PST TIMES Our Twitch Stream will be live at:
1000 SECTF4Kids Kick Off  Ryan M, Colin H
1200 SECTF4Kids Ends
1230 Christina Lekati Judging by the Cover: Profiling & Targeting Through Social Media
1330 Ryan MacDougall SE Team vs. Red Team
Saturday Aug 7
PST Times
1000 SECTF4Teens Kick Off  Chris and Kris Silvers
1200 SECTF4Teens Ends
1230 Lisa Forte Using SE to Create Insider Threats and Win All the Things
1330 John McCombs The Innocent Lives Foundation: A Beacon of Light in a Dark World
1430 Christopher Hadnagy Make Them Want To Tell You: The Science of Elicitation

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