Human Hacking – it’s not what you think

Do you want to understand fully how you can best influence and persuade others?
Do you find yourself challenged by interactions with others?
Do you feel stuck? In your career, in your life, in your close relationships?

Human Hacking Conference Attendees Improve Their Lives Through Learning:

  • How trust and rapport can enhance every relationship you have
  • How scam artists and con men do their tricks
  • How body language can make your life better
  • How to understand and motivate anyone on your team- including yourself!
  • How advanced storytelling helps you close a deal in sales
  • How to hack YOURSELF to become a better communicator, better employee, better spouse, a better PERSON.

Be one of the GOOD guys.

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Human Hacking – it’s not what you think

The most successful people upgrade their skill sets, making THEMSELVES better, no matter what’s happening in the world. Staying static is the worst thing you can do right now. That’s why we are offering a 3-day, intensive program to completely upgrade your skills from the inside out. Experience live training and workshops by some of the greatest minds in persuasion, sales, body language, mind reading, storytelling, and more. You’ll be ready for anything- whether you want to improve your close relationships, grow in your career, sell more, lead better, or launch something new.

Attendees of the Human Hacking Conference won’t ever go back to the old way of communicating. Human Hacking training will reveal hidden talents, your highest potential, your ability to connect with ANYONE, anywhere. Traditional leadership and sales training show you how to play the game better. Human Hacking teaches you how to change the game from the inside out and avoid common communication problems altogether.

Take the leap with an energizing, interactive three-day event that sets the stage for your growth. Interact with your peers, learn from unrivaled human hacking trainers, and move forward with an invaluable foundation for your future impact.

Here is what to expect from this intensive three-day training experience:

  • Choose from several multi-hour workshops taught by world-renowned leaders in behavior, physiology, technology, and psychology;
  • Specialized learning tracks;
  • A variety of speaking sessions from expert-level presenters, varying from fast-paced concentrated content to panels and keynotes;
  • Exciting breakouts;
  • 3 Evening Events plus many opportunities for networking; and
  • All-inclusive lunches, beverages, and breaks