Are you ready for blistering 115-degree heat, the never-ending press of black t-shirts, and fast-talking social engineers? Then you, my friend, are ready for DEF CON 22!

Social-Engineer.Org have so much goodness to tell you about. First, let’s start with the Social Engineering Village. This will be our second year at running SE fun and activities non-stop in our room – you won’t be able to get enough of us. Because DEF CON is starting on Thursday the 7th this year, we thought, “What the heck, we’ll just add more contests and chances for public humiliation!” We won’t tell you everything that we’re concocting, but we CAN say it’ll involve handcuffs, code deciphering, facial expressions and an SE Death Match! Be sure to drop by on Thursday to participate or jeer contestants as they flail desperately with feats of physical and mental strength.


Our SECTF starts on Friday with all of the usual fun you’ve come to expect, but this year, we’re adding tag teams! Yes, this year’s contestants will be working against the clock in groups of 2 with the requirement of an individual team member needing to tag out at least once during their calls.  What kind of pretexts will this require? What kind of mayhem will ensue? WE DON’T KNOW! That’s why it’ll be so great!

After calls, the SE Village activities will continue with presentations by Chris and other SE celebs like Michele Fincher, Dave Kennedy and Kevin Mitnick. Is this something you can really afford to miss?

As if we won’t have enough to do, we’ll also be running the SECTF4Kids, which has been promoted to a full-blown DEF CON contest this year! Our kids will be cracking codes and using their critical thinking skills to solve a corporate crime.  We are incredibly stoked to announce that Qualys has signed up as a SECT4Kids sponsor and generously agreed to buy DEF CON tickets for the first 15 kids who register – wow! Thanks also to DEF CON for helping us get as many kids as possible into the event.

But wait there’s more….

Wait, we’re not done yet. Did you know that this will be SEORG’s 5-year anniversary for participating at DEF CON? We decided to celebrate by having a little party followed by a live podcast on Sunday. The party is invite-only with great give-aways and swag – if you’d like to join us, hit us up for details at DEF CON. Just be prepared; it’s likely to include singing, dancing and/or public torture.

This concludes our public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood social engineers. See you in Vegas!!