DEF CON 22 SECTF4Kids Rules and Regulations
Welcome to Social-Engineer.Org’s annual Social Engineering Capture the Flag for DEF CON Kids registration page. This year’s event: Who Dunnit? A Social Engineering Corporate Crime.

This contest is designed to use a blend of social skills, password and cipher cracking, lock picking, and good old-fashioned social engineering to accomplish a set of challenges. Each challenge must be completed in order to eliminate a suspect, room or social engineering “weapon” until the first team to solve the crime is declared the winner.

Before you register your child, please read and agree to the rules below:

– The contestant must be between the ages of 5-12

– The parent or guardian must approve and complete the registration form

– The parent or guardian must be present at the first meeting on Friday night

– The parent or guardian agrees to be responsible for the contestant’s supervision; they are not the responsibility of DEF CON or Social-Engineer.Org

– The contestant must be present at DEF CON from Friday night through Sunday afternoon in order to be eligible to compete

– The contestant may be placed on a team with someone they don’t know

– No cheating! Anyone accepting unauthorized help (including that of parents/guardians) or sabotaging other teams will be disqualified


1st Place: 1st Place Winner’s Kid’s Social Engineering kit, winner’s plaque, and spot on the Social-Engineer.Org podcast (for each team member)

2nd Place: 2nd Place Winner’s Kid’s Social Engineering kit (for each team member)


The underlying idea of this contest is: No one gets victimized for the duration of this contest. Social engineering skills can be demonstrated without engaging in unethical activities. The contest focuses on the skills of the contestant, not who does the most damage.  Our goal is to raise awareness to the threat that social engineering poses and educate kids in skills that can be very useful in life.

Items that are NOT allowed to be targeted at any point of the contest:


  • Nothing that can get, DEF CON, or the participants in the contest sued
  • At no point are any techniques to be used that would make a target feel as if they are “at risk” in any manner
  • Use common sense, if something seems unethical – don’t do it. If you have questions, ask a judge

If at any point in the contest it appears that contestants are targeting anything on the “No” list, they will receive one warning. After the one warning they are disqualified from the contest.


“Flags” are a custom list of specific bits of information, which the contestant will have to discover by completing the challenges using social engineering skills and ingenuity. The challenges may be completed in any order this year and will be presented to you on the day of the event. Proof that each challenge was completed is required! Details for this will be outlined in the materials you will receive. This year’s Flags are clues that must be solved to eliminate a person, room, or social engineering “weapon” in order to solve the crime.


If you can comply with all the above and think your junior social engineer has the skills to win, then register below. This form must be completed by the parent or guardian. Completing this form does not guarantee participation.

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