Are you ready to ru…….

DEF CON.  What emotions does that elicit in you?  For my team and me, it is a mixture of excitement and exhaustion. This year will prove to be no different; if anything, it will prove to be even more of both.

We just wanted to take a few moments to give you a brief overview of all the events we have planned for DEF CON so you can prepare yourself to spend as much time as possible in and around the SEVillage.

First of all, we have to take our hats off for the DEF CON crew.  Last year there was nothing short of a 45 minute wait at all times to just get in the SEVillage, so this year they answered all your cries for help by giving us triple the normal space we have.  Yes you heard it, over triple the normal space!  What are we planning to do with all that extra space?


We have created a new challenge called “Mission SE Impossible”.  Maybe the best way to describe it is if the Gringo Warrior Challenge had a baby with Lock Pick Village while getting some DNA from the SE side of the world, it would give birth to “Mission SE Impossible.”

I can hear you all saying now, “Awwww, what a cute baby!”

Thursday morning we will take a very limited number of on-site sign ups to be the first ever contestants to take part in this amazing new contest.  Starting in the shortly after lunch, the contestants will be part of a unique challenge that will test them in a live environment.

Each contestant will be “arrested” then locked in an interrogation room.  They will have to battle the clock to release themselves and then follow the path of the master SE to eventually get the top secret codes from the safe and escape without harm.

Show up for all the details and to sign up to be one of the elite few who get to participate.

Bright and early at 9:30 AM (well, for DEF CON) we start the now infamous SECTF (Social Engineering Capture the Flag for those of you living in a cave).  Contestants will enter the glass booth of doom (yes that is its real name) to make calls in front of a live audience.  This year we will have more space, more people, and lots and lots of cameras (don’t ask just come and see).

We’ll listen and analyze each call as a room, talking about how/why folks were successful.   This will go all the way to 4:00 PM when the SEVillage turns from the SECTF to the Human Track for DEF CON.

We have five presentations that evening to entice, educate and entertain you.  The presentations will last from 4:00 to 9:00 PM on Friday.

As if Friday wasn’t early enough, we’ll start even earlier (yes 09:00AM) to get our resident SE-Kids event launched.  Our 4th year of the SECTF4Kids is going to be the best yet!  The  SECTF will start after the kids get going at 10:00 AM and proceed while the kids suffer.

Again, we’ll be pitting man and woman against corporate America until 4:00 PM.  Another 5 presentations designed to truly inspire the social engineer in each of us will take place until 9pm.

After many laughs and a very short rest period we’ll be back…..

At 10:00 AM sharp we will be starting our live podcast – you won’t want to miss this as we have a very special guest…. R. Paul Wilson…yes, the very same from “The Real Hustle UK” as well as a famous illusionist and mind bender.  We will talk about all things SE until we close shop and prep for the closing ceremonies.

Sounds packed, no?  Well it is!! 100% and going 10000 MPH.
We always say, “It’s going to be the best year ever!”…and this year won’t be an exception. Our crew has been putting in overtime to make sure you walk away entertained as well as smarter about SE. Come join us in Bally’s Palace Room 3-4-5 we’ll see you there! And make sure to keep checking the schedule page for more details.