Who is the Deadliest Social Engineer? Defcon 21 SECTF
Are you ready for DEF CON 21? Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Social-Engineer Capture the Flag (SECTF) is getting better and badder this year.

To keep this interesting, we decided to pit the ladies against the men once again. Last year, we heard some war cries that the ladies didn’t do as well as they wanted and need VENGEANCE!!! So paint your faces blue, grab your claymores and prepare for another epic Battle of the SExes – SE STYLE in this years “Who is the Deadliest Social Engineer – Men vs Women II”

What is it all about?

From a hacking perspective, social engineering is the biggest threat to companies today. Hacker groups, scammers, and the like all use SE skills to infiltrate companies, steal data and wreak havoc. You know it…. I know it… (sshhhhh i think even “they” know it), so why isn’t it getting fixed?

This competition is a subtle reminder of how dangerous social engineering can be. The contest illustrates how easy it is to get unsuspecting targets to give over amazing amounts of information with a simple pretext and 25 mins on the clock.

Do you have what it takes? Ladies – this is for you… avenge your honor and don’t let this year be a repeat of 2012.

If you have the guts, want the glory, and want to be part of DEF CON history, click on the REGISTER NOW button, or go to the menu for DEF CON 21 SECTF and register now.

Registration will be closing June 13th at 11:59pm EST time – if you forget, if you fall asleep – don’t come whining.

If you are man enough, or woman enough – REGISTER NOW!

See you at DEF CON, fellow SE Warriors.