Lisa Forte

Lisa Forte is a European social engineering and insider threat expert. She runs cyber crisis simulations for large companies to help them prepare for attacks of all types. She actually started her security career stopping pirates off the coast of Somalia.

Lisa a passionate about two things: tech for good and that pineapple on pizza should be banned by the United Nations.
She is a proud Italian/ Brit and has won numerous awards for her contributions in tech. Little known fact she actually once auditioned for Cirque Du Soleil.
When she is not working you can usually find her exploring abandoned mines or hanging off the side of a cliff somewhere.

Title: Using SE to create insider threats and win all the things

Description: We talk a lot about that “quick and dirty” social engineering but there is a much scarier, longer term attack that yields far more damage. Instead of that persuasive email or that one hugely urgent phone call these attacks are aimed at turning your key staff from loyal employees into insider threats- Without your knowledge and even without theirs.

How can loyal, hard working staff be convinced to acquire and exfiltrate sensitive commercial data? It all starts with a friend request.