A Time to Get Your SE On!

Time to get you SE on

What has 40 legs and 40 arms, stanks of sweaty hacker, but is always smiling? You guessed it, the SE Crew at DEF CON! Yepper, it is that time of year once again. In just under a month, we will descend on Vegas like a perfect tidal wave ready to leave SE awesomeness in our wake.

Whether you are new to DEF CON or you have been coming from the very beginning, let me take you through the new and improved SEVillage for this year.

Location, Location, Location

Once again your cries have been heard! Because of last year’s long lines and lack of space, DEF CON has generously given us even more space than last year. Palace 2-3-4-5 are now all SEVillage. (Thank you DEF CON!)

We are also “redesigning” the layout this year, and with the extra space we will be able to fit more people and make it easier to see and hear. Our sound and video guru Evan will be pouring his magic out to make sure you can all enjoy every last second.

Thursday Events

Thursday is back with a vengeance. We‘re hosting one of the only events at DEF CON to run on Thursday, and it’s the new and improved Mission SE Impossible. Imagine if the old Gringo Warrior Challenge got together with SE Land, and BAM – You have Mission SE Impossible.

We will ONLY be taking onsite sign-ups for this event! If you are chosen, you will have to race against the clock to solve clues, pick locks, escape from handcuffs, and much more! Be sure to limber up since we‘re bringing a new and improved laser array along with our old but ever–deadly sniper.

Show up early on Thursday in the SEVillage – and by early I mean 0930 – to make sure you get your name in to the hat, because around 1100 we will be drawing names. And then starts the SE fun.

Friday Events

SECTF logo

Friday starts the flagship event back for its 7th consecutive year at DEF CON – the Social Engineering Capture the Flag, or SECTF. Bright and early at 1000 we start with our first calls for the SECTF. The contestants have all been chosen and are working hard on their targets as we speak.

You will not want to miss the targets this year. I guarantee this event will surprise you all! Be there for sure. In addition, we are bringing back the popular Q&A after every call – come ready to listen, learn, and interact as a room.

The SECTF goes from 1000 to 1500 (that’s 3PM) and then after a short break we are starting with the Official Human Track for DEF CON 24. We have chosen 10 of the best SE related speeches for your listening pleasure.

At a nice early time of 2100 (9PM) we end the day and crash… because next cometh the pain.

Saturday Events


Saturday at a beautiful 0930 we will kick off the SECTF4Kids (Social Engineering Capture the Flag 4 Kids). This year we have truly stepped up our game. It is not just ciphers and puzzles – your little ones will be truly challenged to think like a hacker. We’re bringing critical thinking into the SECTF4Kids this year to get into DEF CON’s theme of RISE OF THE MACHINES. If you are bringing your 5-12 year old, get them signed up NOW before the deadline in just a couple more weeks!

1000 starts the SECTF for the 2nd day of amazing calls and mind–blowing targets. You will not want to leave your seat when you see what we have in store.

1600 again opens up the floor to even more SE Speeches for you – Interactive, fun, engaging, and educational.

At some point between 0900 and 2100 the poor little kids will have finished the SECTF4Kids and another day ends in preparation for closing….

Sunday Events

For the last 7 years we have recorded a live podcast at DEF CON. Who will be this year’s guest? What will be the topic? Let me give you a tip – Be there to find out.

Right after the podcast we are packing, cleaning, and prepping for the closing ceremonies.

Get Your SE On!

As you can tell, we have a TON of SE goodness prepared for you. This year will prove to be the best so far, and you won’t want to miss it. Maybe you’ve thought about trying your hand in the booth for the SECTF. What better way to see if you can handle it than coming and seeing all that is involved and talking to our team and the contestants?

And if watching is more your gig, come and join us to cheer on the contestants and learn all we can as a community from the original and only SECTF!

See you there!

Written By: Chris Hadnagy