Ep. 096 – TKO Your Amygdala with Tim Larkin

In a society where we are on our cell phones and other devices non-stop, situational awareness is not something we hear too much about.  Our guest, Tim Larkin, talks about how important situational awareness is in staying safe. August 14, 2017



Ep. 096 – TKO Your Amygdala with Tim Larkin

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Show Notes

Image result for Tim LarkinTim Larkin joined us LIVE at DEF CON 25 to be part of the SEPodcast Crew and discuss the importance of situational awareness.  Tim has an extensive background in working with people all over the globe in helping them stay safe.

He discusses:

  • How to remain aware of your surroundings and not get overly distracted
  • Why this is so important to safety
  • How being aware has helped others stay safe
  • And so much more


Tim can be found at his website:  https://timlarkin.com/  or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/tfttimlarkin

Tim recommended the book written by Miyamoto Musashi  called "The Book of Five Rings".

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