How important is physical security to your overall security posture? Should security people really know how to pick locks and hack elevators? Join the SEORG Podcast panel with our guest Deviant Ollam to discuss these very important topics.  March 09, 2015


Ep. 067 – Getting Physical Deviant Ollam 

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Show Notes

Ep. 067

Physical Security is a pretty hot topic right now. But how important is lock picking, physical breaching and elevator hacking to pentesting?

Join us with our guest Deviant Ollam to discuss these topics and answer these questions:

  • What is your real name?
    How easy is it to learn to pick locks?
    How canyou use a coat hanger and a can of air to access a building?
  • And so much more….We know you will really enjoy this one.


Mr. Ollam recommended two books: Practical Lock Picking, Second Edition A Physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide, Keys to the Kingdom: Impressioning, Privilege Escalation, Bumping and Other Key-Based Attacks Against Physical Locks