PSYOP, or psychological operations, is a fascinating topic that we will be delving into with our guest, Jimmy Do. May 11, 2015


Ep. 069 – Putting the Psych into PSYOP

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Show Notes

What is social engineering

PSYOP is a fascinating topic that we have a chance to discuss in depth with our guest, Jimmy Do.

Join our discussion as we find out:

1. Tell us about what you did in psyops?
2. What kinds of factors affected how successful your various campaigns were (e.g., knowledge of the target population, medium you used, etc.)?
3. Did you find differences between your target cultures and the US in terms of what tended to be most influential? Can you discuss without necessarily disclosing the other culture?
4. How did you collect intel on your target audiences?
5. How did you gain credibility/trust with your target audiences?
6. Can you disclose any cool war stories w/respect to influence?

Jimmy’s book recommendation – Dave Grossmen “On Killing”