This year’s SEVillage at DEF CON was literally off the hook.  Our first and second place winners of the SECTF did such amazing jobs that we wanted to interview them to find out their secrets.  Join us with this fun podcast with our guests Chris Kirsch and Rachel Tobac. October 9, 2017


Ep. 098 – Winning the SECTF with Chris & Rachel

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Show Notes

Ep. 098

Chris Kirsch, the 1st place winner of the SECTF, is a returning competitor that came back to prove to himself how and why he CAN win this competition after his previous attempt was …um… not so great. Rachel Tobac is our scariest competitor but also one of our most positive and sweetest.  She comes back to yet again take 2nd place in the SECTF this year. We will discuss:

  • What helped you win?
  • What is one of the most important lessons?
  • Would you recommend others try the SECTF?


Chris Kirsch and Chris Hadnagy recreated the winning phone call.  Check it out!

Do you want to see Chris K’s entrance video?

Chris Kirsch: