This month, Chris Hadnagy and Ryan MacDougall are joined by Patrick Laverty. Patrick is the Senior Team Lead at Social Engineer, LLC, working with an incredible team of professional social engineers. He was previously a senior penetration tester at Rapid7 and a member of the CSIRT at Akamai. He is a co-organizer of the Layer 8 Conference and is the host of the Layer 8 Podcast on social engineering and OSINT. He lives in Rhode Island with his daughter, dog and two cats.

[April 18, 2022] 


Ep. 168 – Security Awareness Series – Lessons Learned From the Attacks on Ukraine with Patrick Laverty

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Show Notes

00:00 – Intro 

00:50 – Patrick Laverty intro 

02:19 – Intro Links 

04:38 – Security Awareness in the world today 

05:25 – Malicious Domain Registrations 

06:58 – Protecting yourself from false domains 

11:24 – CISA Alert / Shields Up 

12:36 – Lowering Reporting Thresholds 

13:33 – Empowering Security Information Officers 

16:50 – Tabletop Exercises 

19:20 – Planning for Continuity 

21:09 – Beyond the Financial Effects of Ransomware 

24:29 – Trying to protect the Healthcare Sector 

25:27 – Backup & Recovery Process 

28:38 – The source of Ransomware 

30:03 – Planning for a Ransomware attack 

31:51 – Why your site will be attacked 

33:41 – 3 Actionable Tips 

35:30 – Book Recommendations 

38:20 – Wrap Up  

39:18 – Outro