Today Chris is talking with Laurie Segall. Laurie is the founder of Dot Dot Dot, a media company focused on onboarding the mainstream into a new era of the internet, Web3. Laurie is an award-winning journalist who has interviewed the world’s most influential tech leaders including Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook. Prior, she was CNN’s senior tech correspondent, covering technology and culture for a decade and a former reporter for 60 Minutes. [July 11, 2022] 


Ep. 173 – Human Element Series – Empathetic Chameleons and Painful Lobsters with Laurie Segall

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Show Notes

Ep 173

04:20 – Starting your career in the “wee hours”  

07:54 – Was journalism always the goal? 

12:31 – Navigating chaos 

15:57 – Taking on Revenge Porn 

21:20 – What motivated you to write about your life so early? 

24:46 – Writing during the pandemic 

29:50 – How lobsters grow  

35:44 – Building a company 

38:40 – Wearing 2 hats 

40:54 – Who would you consider your biggest mentors? 

43:38 – Book Recommendations: 

45:56 – Find Laurie Segall online 

  • Website link: 
  • Instagram: @LaurieSegall & @d3_network 
  • Twitter: @LaurieSegall & @d3_network 

48:32 – Guest Wrap Up & Outro