Welcome to the Social-Engineer Podcast: The SE Etc. Series. This series will be hosted by Chris Hadnagy, CEO of Social-Engineer LLC, and The Innocent Lives Foundation, as well as Social-Engineer.Org and The Institute for Social Engineering. Chris will be joined by his co-host Patrick Laverty as they discuss topics pertaining to the world of Social Engineering. [Oct 24th, 2022] 


Ep. 184 – SE Etc. Series – Ryan Didn’t Die with Patrick and Chris

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Show Notes

Ep. 216

00:00 – Intro 

00:17 – Patrick Laverty Intro 

00:58 – Intro Links 

03:28 – This month’s dumpster dive: Great Stories 

04:01 – Oceans 11 1/2: Ryan Didn’t Die 

05:14 – Let the testing begin! 

06:36 – OSINT & Building a Pretext 

10:06 – Never lose focus of your SCOPE 

11:52 – Stay with the Pretext! 

14:53 – Don’t Drink & Shred 

18:36 – Always working 

19:55 – The Story Continues… 

29:14 – You can’t prepare for Bad Luck 

35:04 – Being an advocate, not an adversary 

36:46 – Not quite a clean getaway 

38:40 – The value of stories 

40:34 – Coming up next month 

41:43 – Wrap Up & Outro 


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