Looking for social engineering skills in interesting jobs has always been a theme of our podcast since the beginning. Our guest this month made a career out of scamming people on camera, but with no malicious intent. Paul Wilson is a magician and consultant to some of the biggest stars in the world as well as a professional con artist. Join us as we discuss his experiences and what he has learned. Release Date 13 September 2010


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Show Notes

First, we caught up with the Social-Engineer.Org CTF from DEF CON 18, phat32.  Phat32 fills us in on all the juicy details about his methods to win the SE CTF and take home the iPad, the honor, the glory and the BLACK BADGE from DEF CON.  Congrats Phat32!!!!

Then we invited our guest in. Paul Wilson is a world renowned expert on cheating, an award winning conjuror and magic inventor. He now works in film and television. He has been studying sleight of hand, cheating and conjuring since he was eight years old. After twelve years as a computer consultant, he became a professional performer and lecturer, using the time to study film before moving into the industry. Since May 2000 Paul has worked as an actor, presenter, writer, producer and director. He has created, developed and produced television shows for NBC, CBS, A&E, BBC, Court TV and Tru TV.

We caught up with Paul in between travels and he was able to help us see:

  • How he gets around pretexting as law enforcement?
  • Some of his hottest con’s that he has preformed
  • Does the country he con’s in make a difference?
  • Paul’s general feelings on how his show helps people stay protected

The conversation was one of the best we have ever had and Paul really slammed home some key points that will blow your mind.

Check out Paul’s website for more information about him.

Paul recommended a book for anyone interested in learning more about his favorite topics.

“Hiding the Elephant: How Magicians Invented the Impossible and Learned to Disappear”  by Jim Steinmeyer.
Again, thank you to Paul for another AWESOME podcast.  See you next month.



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