Deception is very hard to understand. What if we could write an algorithm that would dissect deception and allow us to delve in at a molecular level? This month’s podcast does that. We talk with a psychologist and research that has dedicated his life to defining and understanding deception. Release Date Nov 8 2010


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Using Deception as a Social Engineer Podcast 15

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Show Notes

Our guest today, Alan Wagner, is a Social Robotics Researcher from Georgia Tech.

    Alan Wagner, Doctor of Computer Science, received a PhD from Georgia Tech in 2009, an M.S. from Boston University in Computer Science, and BA from Northwestern University in Psychology.
  • What is deception?
  • How is it used?
  • How did you come up with an algorithm to define deception?
  • How is this used and displayed in people? In robots?
  • What’s next in this research?

Then he defined deception into four stages:
1. Determine if deception is warranted?
2. Find out what action is available to you as deceiver. What is worst for you/best. Which one of your actions will cause them to take an action.
3. Calculate how your action will affect the target (right questions)
a.  create clusters of models of all people – stereotypes
b.  develop a model of the person you want to deceive – information gathering
4. Take the action

Check out Alan’s website for more information about him.

AWESOME podcast. See you next month.



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