Information is the life blood of the social engineer.  “There is no such thing as bad data”, is the SE Mantra.  Our guest this month, Nick Furneaux, well known forensics expert in the UK discusses his new area of research into API Manipulation. Date Nov 12, 2012


Episode 039:  Information Gathering on Steroids Nov 12, 2012


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Show Notes

Ep. 111
Our guest this week is a notorious forensics guru from the UK, Nick Furneaux.  Nick discusses with us the magic of API manipulation.  He gave us some free “posh” tips for making websites dump the data we want as social engineers.  Try these things below:

Download and install the Firefox addon – JSONView


The last one will find all tweets within 2 miles of the GPS coors (central london) that contains the words London Riot.  Replace as desired!,%20-0.12768,2ml&include_entities=true&result_type=mixed

This type of data mining can lead to searchable and impressive results for any social engineer.

Follow Nick on his twitter account, NickFX

Nick’s recommended reading list: Open Source Intelligence Techniques: Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information by Michael Bazzell

Till next month