Today we are joined by Stephanie Paul. Stephanie is an actress, a trainer, and keynote speaker. She has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and she uses that now as she coaches and trains executives, sales teams, Tedx speakers and experts of all kinds to become master communicators. She is also a proud member of EOA and on the board of the directors of the Alzheimer’s Association in Orange County. She is an active member of WIB, and the Vice Chair of Young Women in Bio. 

[Nov 14th, 2022] 


Human Element Series – Ep 186 – Don’t Be the Smartest Person in the Room with Stephanie Paul

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Show Notes

00:00 – Intro  

00:23 – Intro Links 

02:10 – Stephanie Paul Intro 

02:59 – How did you go from acting to coaching communications? 

06:34 – Dark Side of the Moon 

08:03 – The Magic of Story 

09:14 – Can anyone learn to use storytelling? 

11:43 – Practice, practice, practice! 

13:49 – How is storytelling used in Leadership? 

16:31 – Reflecting your values 

18:15 – The beauty of mistakes 

21:32 – You’re not born with it! 

23:28 – Mentorship 

28:32 – The importance of Accountability 

30:10 – Make them want the banana 

33:24 – Valley Girl 

35:39 – Find Stephanie Paul online 

36:50 – Women In Leadership 

37:49 – Book Recommendations: 

40:55Who are your greatest mentors? 

44:42 – Guest Wrap Up 

45:17 – Outro