The latest Social-Engineer Podcast’s guest was John Nolan.  He is a world renowned author and expert on Elicitation and covert actions.  He came on Episode 35 to teach us how to get anything from any one without asking a single question.

There was another surprise for our listeners.  John’s book, “Confidential“, which is a staple for most in any field that requires elicitation skills, couldn’t be found anywhere.  (Unless you count the $70-500 copies on Amazon)

John and his crew did a limited reprint and are now selling it on Social-Engineer.Com. We say “limited time” because the book is on the site for a brief period at a special price before it goes for sale on Amazon and other book sites again.

John’s book is chock full of great stories and useful hints and tips to help you master elicitation.

Thanks John!

Buy “Confidential” Now