For those of you who have been coming to the Social-Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) at DEF CON for the past 4 years, you might already know that we try to hold one of the most popular contests around full of Social Engineering Awesomeness. But we also try to make sure there are some presentations and other events in the SECTF room to inform and entertain.

In previous years, we have had notable social engineers like Kevin Mitnick give presentations and demos.  Last year we culminated our little mini-SE-CON with Kevin Mitnick, Sharon Conheady and the Director of the NSA, General Keith Alexander.

What can we do to keep the energy going and make the SECTF even more awesomer than ever before?

Enter the Apollo

Have you heard of a guy who can literally steal the watch off your wrist and phone out of your pocket without you knowing?  If you haven’t, you are going to want to get up on your Apollo Robbins videos.

This year the Social-Engineer Team has invited Apollo Robbins in to the SECTF room to do a little show and be part of our podcast.  Ok, are you as excited as us?

Well, here is the deal; last year when we had our good friend Kevin Mitnick in, the goons made us lock the doors  (thank you DEF CON  Goons for keeping us safe) once the room was beyond capacity.  This year we are sure this is going to happen again – so if you want a seat at this one-time event, get to the SECTF room early.

Now, you know we want you all there all weekend.  Calls start on Friday AM, continuing through Saturday AM, and then Sunday Apollo and the SEORG Crew take the stage and put on one of the most Memorable Podcasts Ever!!

Be there!  Need more info?  Email us at defcon [email protected] or keep checking back; we will be posting the DEF CON 21 Social-Engineer Village Schedule here.