Last year Derby Con took the con scene by storm.  What started as a neat idea amongst a few friends turned into what many called, “One of the best con’s of the year”.  No sooner had Derby 2011 ended and 2012 was being planned – bigger, better, badder and with more Social Engineering.

This year the crew at Social-Engineer.Org and Social-Engineer.Com will be heading out to Kentucky for a few days of insanity, training and fun.

The official schedule is already up on the DerbyCon Page but we wanted to give you some highlights for what we will be doing out there.

First, On Sept 27-28th Chris will be teaching a small 1.5 day course on “Social Engineer:  The Advanced Submission Techniques Module“.  This is class is one module ripped from the pages of the very popular Social Engineering For Penetration Testers 5 Day Course.  We will be covering:

  • Determining your own personality profile
  • How To Determine the Personality Profile of your Targets
  • How to Utilizes your Strengths and Strengths to Extreme
  • The 10 ways to build rapport with anyone fast
  • Elicitation Tactics for Social Engineers
  • Bonus Material as time allows

This class is not yet full so all we can say is – Sign Up Now and be part of the crowd that will walk away from Derby with some amazing human skills.

That isn’t it!  Friday Sept 28th at 7pm Chris is giving a speech on his new area of research – Nonverbal Human Hacking.  This research is based off some of the biggest and brightest minds in the studies of body language, microexpressions and influence.  Combining these principles allows a social engineer to put their targets into state of compliance, making it easier to influence people.

The fun just doesn’t stop there…. On Saturday night Sept 29th, from 5pm to 7pm we will be hosting a live  Social-Engineer.Org Podcast.  The Whole Crew will be there – The Infamous and lovely Ping Look, the ever charming and freakishly smooth Jordan Harbinger, our comedic relief and loyal podcast panelist, Dave Kennedy and of course the man who has the best face for radio, Chris Hadnagy.  Join us for a very entertaining discussion of how social engineering is used in everyday communications but also we will be fielding your live questions on any topic… so prepare your questions in advance get there early – space is limited.  We will be live streaming this podcast, (URL coming soon) so if you can’t make it in the flesh, you can make it online.

If that wasn’t enough we will be giving away some books and other items at the podcast and be around all weekend for the fun that is Derby Con!

We look forward to seeing you at Derby!  Until then…..