There has been a whirlwind in the news about the spy cameras on students issue at the high school in Philly.  Now to uncover other schools admitting to the same thing.

A few notable articles that popped up:

First there was an article about details on how it was done, what software was used and even proof that they knew a lot more than they admitting to know.  You can see that article on the Stryde Hax Blog.  It is long but worth the read.

Don’t stop there folks, another school in the Bronx NY, USA the admin was bragging how he “monitors” the children and even demonstrated it on PBS television.

I guess from a security standpoint sure I would love to be able to flip a switch and watch what my target is doing. It would make my job easier as a social engineer.  Yet when I read these stories I wonder how difficult it must be to be a kid in this day and age.  The pressure by society, peers, schools, etc but then to top it off people can just spy on you and you have no rights?

Then we see that it is not just us sec guys that have a problem with this.  I guess the FBI has opened an investigation into the event.  I just may have to pick up one of those t-shirts

Till next time