Recently we were approached by a very interesting magazine called Interesting Times to write a column for them.  Since I never heard of them, I ask for some description on what they do and how they do it…

Here is what I got:

“Interesting Times is a self-help magazine for extreme people, helping you survive and thrive in the cyberpunk future of today. Headquartered in Sweden, the magazine provides a unique perspective on the current age of possibility, where every new happening holds the potential for both disaster and groundbreaking success.

The magazine aims to implement total world domination using a shock & awe toolbox of positive thinking, power armor and pornstar girlfriends, edifying the reader with an eclectic mix of interesting subjects including lifestyle design, preparations for the post-apocalypse, and the pursuit of superhuman fitness through batmanesque bodyhacking. Building better bad-asses is our main objective and we aim to please.”

Interesting enough to make me do a Vulcan eyebrow raise….  Well, we did it… and I gotta say the magazine looks sharp.  Our article is on page 34 and then a nice ad on page 44.

Anyhow check out the mag and download a copy at the Interesting Time Website we are in Issue #2 page 34.  ENJOY and as always – we want your feedback!


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