After returning from Defcon 19 and another successful Social Engineering Capture the Flag competition, the team at decided it was time to add a few staff members to help grow the business and to help promote Social Engineering. We put a call out for interns and the response was overwhelming. Literally hundreds of people responded to the call with resumes and letters asking to be part of the team.

The first choice was easy. Enter Dan aka “miNG”, a long time slave, errand boy, Defcon gimp, and information gatherer for Dan has been helping for over three years now. When asked what he loved about Social Engineering, Dan cited the power and flexibility of the craft along with it’s everyday practical uses. His help to the organization has been invaluable and to recognize that, would like to officially welcome Dan to the team! Dan will continue his duties as a slave and will assist in information gathering, as well as keeping order on the IRC channel and various other duties to be announced.

The second member of the team was selected after an arduous application process prompted by a Twitter post (mentioned above) which declared that was hiring an intern. After whittling down the impressive resumes that came in, we were left with just a handful of people that fit the needs. We asked them to write a sample blog post and from that we had two amazing contestants left.

We thought maybe a cage match, or a duel would be appropriate, but, instead we opted for a team meeting and discussion about all we learned about the contestants.

Eric aka “Urbal” was no stranger to SEORG. He competed in this year’s SECTF and came in 4th. Additionally, Eric’s writing assignment really topped the charts. Eric will be crafting blogs, assisting with sponsorships, assisting with information gathering, and doing everything else the lowest point of a totem pole does.  So expect a lot more content about social engineering to be on the site more often.

Continue to check out the new services and SE training we are offering on the Social-Engineer.Com Site.

You can find both mING and Urbal in IRC on our channel, #social-engineer ( Both of them will be joining us in Vegas this year for a very special event. More on that very soon!