Lots of questions have been coming in regards our DerbyCon Contest to be held at our Social-Engineer, Inc. sponsor booth.  So let me take a few moments to answer the questions and outline the competition.

We wanted to have something fun, challenging and also unique.  Chris reached out to the National Institute of Polygraph Examiners and spoke to their president.  After getting through a few formalities and explaining his crazy idea, he was given the names of a few examiners.

Finally we found one that was really cool and wanted to give this idea a try.  On Saturday at DerbyCon, Patrick the Polygraph Examiner is coming in to run the first ever official “Social-Engineer” Polygraph Challenge.

The Poly Challenge

To start, we only have a limited number of slots and after thinking long and hard, we will do a sign up at Derby.  When you sign up, you will have to answer a list of questions about yourself.  This list will be personal and you should answer honestly.

The questions that will be asked are all Yes/No and designed to test your ability to answer honestly under pressure.  When your time slot arrives you will be connected the poly chair and that is when the fun starts.

Your job is to tell the truth, well as best as you can, while the questions you originally answered are asked of you in front of a crowd.  If you can “fool the poly,”  you win stage one.

The stage one prize is a one of a kind, not for sale Social-Engineer Sticker that you can proudly display as having beat the Polygraph, as well as anSE-Beanie.

Your name is then put into the pile for the SE Final Deathmatch.

Assuming we have a ton of people that are able to beat the poly, we will have a Social-Engineer handcuff challenge.  The two people who can release themselves from the handcuffs the quickest will be pitted against each other in the Social-Engineer DeathMatch!

All I can tell you about that event is that it involves handcuffs, nerf guns and lots of laughs.

The winner of the SE Poly/DeathMatch Challenge gets a wonderful list of prizes:

  • An autographed set of Chris’ books
  • A limited edition numbered 2014 SE Coin
  • And a badge for next years DerbyCon (a special gift from our friends at Derby)

Are you man or woman enough to sign up?  We will see, come visit us at the Social-Engineer Booth!

See you at Derby!