Obviously when one thinks of social engineering the tools of the trade involve lock picks, black clothes and various costumes for pretexting.  Software tools like Maltego or Email Scrapping scripts have been the extent of software tools that many social engineers could use.  Then along came SET or the Social-Engineer Tool Kit.  Dave created a program that quickly became the standard in software tools for social engineers.  Automating email attacks, web attacks, malicious file attacks and so much more SET allows the auditor to focus on keep their companies and clients tested and secure.

Each edition continues to grow with the feedback from the users. Social-Engineer tool kit has quickly become a tool used by many professional penetration testers all over the world. With over 1 million downloads we are always receiving some excellent feedback and ideas for improvements and additions.

Version 0.7 will be chock full of new features:

  • Two brand new web attack vectors
  • A Slew of bug fixes
  • Two new Teensy attack based payloads
  • A new web attack vector incorporates a technique that SET dubs web jacking
  • The multi-attack vector, this attack will allow you to combine all web attack vectors into one webpage
  • There is a lot more!

In addition, Dave has written an MASSIVE update to the Social Engineer Framework SET Tutorial page. The tutorial spans over 54 pages and has a detailed coverage on every attack vector in SET and includes step by step walk-through.

We are excited about this new release as SET is really becoming a standard in helping security professionals run audits and help companies stay secure.  Thanks to Dave Kennedy for the millions of hours of work in producing a world class tool!

Keep checking in for more information on SET and social engineering in general.  Our podcast is now over 1 year old as well as our newsletter, which are always full of social engineering tips and advice.