Over the last year, social engineering has gotten a lot of press with all the attacks on companies around the globe.  At Social-Engineer.org, our goal has always been to raise awareness about social engineering… especially in these turbulent times.  Since Defcon 19 and the SECTF-2, we have worked with many of the previous year’s targets to give them tips on how they can remain secure from social engineers.

This year it is time to take the Social Engineering CTF to a new level.  Over the last 12 months we have been discussing, in great detail, the difference between women and men in social engineering.  One of our longest running polls actually featured this very topic, with women winning by a landslide.

While the women are ecstatic about that, the men are feeling a tad bit cheated.  To settle this argument for once and for all, we are throwing an all-new type of Social Engineering CTF.

This year at Defcon 20 the Social Engineering CTF is titled “The Battle of the SExes”. (Hey, do you see what we did there?  SE=Social Engineering…ummm, you get it right?)

The rules have been modified, the prizes are even better, and you have the chance to battle to prove the superiority of your gender – social engineer style.

The way the contest works:

Each target company (sorry targets) will be assigned one male and one female contestant – make no mistake, they are not a team, but arch enemies.  (we encourage you to wear super hero outfits)

As in previous years, each contestant will be provided with flags, a sample report, and their call time.  They will be given two weeks to work separately on their information gathering and reporting. At Defcon the male / female pairs will be called to the front at the start of their time slot and a coin flip will determine who calls first. Both the Male and Female from the pairing will be calling the same company and results will be compared.

Do you have what it takes?

If you are:

  • Either Male or Female Human Species
  • Willing to spend time in an awesome, fun social engineering contest
  • Want to win your very own SE Covert Kit
  • Want to prove that your gender is the best
  • Want to be crowned the Defcon 20 Social Engineering King or Queen
  • Willing to be at Defcon 20 the entire 3 days

register yourself for the CTF now!

That page contains all the rules and regulations and, of course, the sign up form.
One hint:  BEFORE YOU REGISTER, read all the rules on the page – but now its time to REGISTER!

See you at Defcon!